Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Man Jonah

There are so many things that Jonah does and says on a daily basis that are hilarious. And I sometimes have to turn my head to laugh because he does not understand yet that I laugh because he's so cute and that I am not laughing AT him. Sensitive, too, huh? Anyway, today I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen working on the pumpkin we had just made for Halloween. Jonah had climbed onto his chair at the bar and was saying,"Mommy, I want some dinosaur snacks and somethin' to drink." Of course, dragging each word out as he said it. I responded, as I usually do, with "Try again, please." (My way of reminding him to use his good manners.) I looked up at him from the floor and this was the face he was making as he said, "Mommy, may I have some dinosaur snacks and somethin' to drink PLEEEEEASE?" And he held his face like this even after he said it! I laughed out loud, and my camera just happened to be sitting there on the counter, so I snapped his picture. And never would I say my child's pain is funny, but tonight he got his helicopter stuck in his hair. Good grief! (The fun never ends!) The face and mouth say it all, right? (I did feel a little bad taking his picture at this moment. Oh well...)

He keeps me laughing and makes everyday FUN! I love my funny man, Jonah!


kate said...

you are right, there is something about those 2nd babies!

Susan said...

I got to tell you Nicole I was at work when I saw Jonah with the helicopter stuck in his hair and I busted out laughing! Some of my co workers had to come look at what I was laughing so hard about. Too Funny! Hope he didn't lose any hair..

Amy said...

Oh my! Jonah was not a happy camper, but I have to admit. I did chuckle a bit. That is a classic!