Monday, September 15, 2014

A Royal Birthday!

 No, I'm not royalty. :) I'm not wearing the crown because it's my birthday, but because I was the "Queen of Books" at Sir Readalot's Castle at school. Our fall Book Fair began on my birthday, Sept. 4th, and lasted though Sept. 15th. It's a fun time in the library, and I enjoy playing right along with the theme every time! My 37th birthday was GREAT! Jan sent me flowers and balloons to school along with a snickers and diet coke. (He knows me so well!) I had to work late on my birthday:(, but we celebrated with CAKE (my favorite-strawberry made by Mrs. Baugues) after I got home. We all ate in our pajamas. It was perfect!!
My coworkers gave me such sweet cards and even treated me to lunch! I FINALLY got a new phone, and I LOVE it! I opted for the one with the best camera seeing as how I never carry my camera with me anymore. I need a phone that takes somewhat quality pictures because it's the easiest thing to carry with me as I RUN form activity to activity with the kids!
Do you see all that icing? I usually have a stomachache after eating so much sugar at once! Once in awhile indulgence...
My flowers from Jan. (Couldn't fit the balloons in the picture with the OLD phone!)

 My kids made me the sweetest handmade cards. Made me cry! (And I didn't take a picture.) But I will! I never throw away the cards they make me. I have a special box where I keep every Mother's Day card and birthday card they have ever made for me. Super special!!
I'm 37 years old now. Wow! Maybe not a royal birthday, but a blessed birthday FOR SURE!

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