Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Tale of a 4th Birthday

Well, we did it! We celebrated Mary Claire's birthday "Princess Style" last night with friends and family. It was so much fun, the party and the planning of the party. While I physically and mentally feel somewhat "pooped" today, it was all worth it to see the story of Mary Claire's 4th birthday celebration unfold...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fair maiden named Mary Claire who loved to play dress up and be silly in hats.
Playing silly in the hat Mrs. Christi gave her.
Mary Claire said, "It's a hat like Mimi's!" :)

She loved strawberry cake with lots of icing and buttercream flowers.
Focused on what's important, right?! hehe

 Mary Claire loved all kinds of stories, but her favorite story was the tale of Rapunzel and her beautiful golden hair. One day, the Queen Mother asked, "My darling, Mary Claire, what would you like for your birthday this year?" Mary Claire knew right away what she wanted. "A Rapunzel party!" she replied. So the Royal Rapunzel Party plans began.
When the big day arrived, Mary Claire was so excited to share her celebration with her friends and family. Every guest came dressed in their best and joined in as Mary Claire celebrated her 4th birthday.
And a wonderful celebration it was!
There was a princess cake!
The Rapunzel doll cake!
When Mary Claire saw it Friday afternoon, she yelled, "Jonah, come look at my cake!! It's Rapunzel!"
And when she saw the hydrangeas I had arranged in the jars with tulle tied around them, she exclaimed, "Oh, those are beautiful!" It was the BEST reaction ever!:)
 And jeweled crowns for everyone!
Making jeweled crowns with friends is so much fun!

The Royal Princes enjoyed games with guests!
Boys will be boys, right?

Royal Cousins, Hardy and Mary Claire

There was food for everyone.
The cupcakes!
The Queen Mother, also known as the Royal Cook, served the food. And it was the best that "GOOGLE" had to offer for a Princess Rapunzel party! Mary Claire loved how each food symbolized special parts of her favorite fairy tale, "Tangled".

Braided breadsticks--Just like the golden braid Rapunzel would wear!
The Queen(Cook) was up until the wee hours of the night making these.

Apples for Maximus, the horse in "Tangled"
 Alas, the Queen did NOT take a picture of the Angel "Hair" Pasta and sauces that were served.
Undoubtedly, she was swept away into the arms of the handsome King as he arrived at the celebration.:) 
 The King and Queen! :)
(I wasn't comfortable in the dress, but it made Mary Claire happy to see me in it!)
 The candles were lit, the crowd of special guests surrounded the Princess,
4 perfect candles ready for singing "Happy Birthday!"
 and the Queen's father led everyone in a special "Happy Birthday" song.
There's the birthday princess!
 And as the sun began to set, the Princess and all her friends were escorted outside
 and watched with great anticipation as
(Oops! Somebody's princess gown got in the picture! hehe
But don't you just love the way she is sitting and watching for her surprise? Just like a princess...)
 the floating lanterns lifted into the sky in honor of the beautiful Princess's 4th birthday!!
Princess Mary Claire presented all of her guests with special gifts and then wished them farewell. And when the King and Queen kissed her goodnight, Mary Claire feel fast asleep with a smile on her face and a warm feeling in her heart.
The End

We love you, Mary Claire!
May all your dreams in your heart come true, and may you always find happiness in all that you do.
Happy 4th Birthday!!


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Kate said...

that was awesome! Great job Nicole and happy birthday Mary Claire. The first picture of her in the hat is priceless. Should be in a frame for sure!

Susan Sampson said...

Thanks for sharing, it's rare I ever get to experiment a little girls birthday the cool ideas! Pretty creative there, Nicole! :)