Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crossing the Finish

No, this is not a race story. haha I guess it just feels like a race we have been running the entire month of May. I have several things to post here so I'll just dive right in...

I was very proud, and a little sad, when Jonah graduated from Kindergarten this week. Where did the time go? He looked very handsome at his graduation and did a great job singing the songs they had learned for the program. Here's some pictures of my handsome graduate.
Ready to leave for school! It's graduation day!!

Mimi and Jonah

Granddaddy and the special graduate!

Ms. Mandy Lynch, Jonah's kindergarten teacher
Thank you, Ms. Mandy, for a great year!

A Mother's Day gift to me from Jonah. It has been on the fridge for the last couple of weeks, and I want to remember it and exactly the size he was when he finished kindergarten.
To My Sweet Jonah:
I love you, Jonah, and I am so proud of the big boy you are becoming. You have been a really good boy in school this year, and Ms. Mandy said it was wonderful being your teacher. She commented on how funny you are. You are smart and sweet, and I can't believe you will be in 1st grade in August! Always do your very best in everything you do.

The day after Jonah's Kindergarten graduation, we attended John Owen's Awards Day at school. He was presented with the Citizenship Award and he received the Principal's List Award for making all A's on his report card for the whole year!!
Way to go, John Owen!

I am so proud of you, John Owen!
God has blessed you, and He has blessed me by giving you to me!:)
Never take what God has given you for granted. You can do anything you put your mind and heart into!

John Owen and his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Barbara Ewing.
Thank you, Mrs. Ewing, for a great 2md grade year!
You are a super sweet and special teacher.
Yesterday(Friday), I finished up my last day at school, so Summer has officially begun for us!
Now, can you guess who's special birthday we are getting ready to celebrate?
This is the birthday cupcake magnet we use to countdown every family member's birthday!
Mary Claire keeps asking, "Is it today?" :)
As you can more day!

She's having a Rapunzel ("Tangled") party next Friday night, and she is so excited!
Post about the party will follow. I have a special surprise planned for her party that I think she is just going to LOVE!
Waiting to reveal it is so hard...

Today, I cut some beautiful hydrangeas from the hydrangea plant growing beside the house.
When Mary Claire wakes up from her nap in just a minute, I know she will love these!

So, here we are...
It's Memorial Day weekend, and we are crossing the finish to the end of May.
Last night, we had a great time by the pool with our friends, Crystal, Scott, Ebby and Brock. Today, we have been back poolside and just relaxing before we head over to my friend Nora's in Arlington for a waterslide party with the kids! Great day for a waterslide!
As I finish this post, I have also just finished a strawberry cake and some cupcakes for Mary Claire's birthday tomorrow. While I cannot claim to have the cake decorating talent my friend, Christi, has, I think Mary Claire will like it. And that's all that matters.
She's calling me now to tell me she's finished with her nap.
Birthday posts later.:)

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