Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eyes on the Skies and Sea

Well, here we are. Our favorite beach spot...Fort Morgan! We arrived Saturday night and luckily, dodged tropical storm Debby. God's power over nature was evident! We saw some pretty impressive 7-8 foot waves Sunday from the storm as it sat out in the Gulf of Mexico and churned the water and wind. Admittedly, we were a little worried about it. One model showed the path of Debby heading this way, and forecasters were not sure which path this storm would take as we approached bedtime Sunday night. We went to bed not knowing what to expect the next morning. I assured the children that it didn't matter if the storm came ths way. "We are together, we are healthy, and there are lots of indoor things we can find to do," I explained. Monday morning brought beautiful blue skies and calmer seas. The wind was still pretty rough, and the red flag was still flying, but the tropical storm warning had been lifted for Alabama! Debby moved east. Praise the Lord, right?:) We are soaking up the sun, riding the waves, splashing in the pool, taking in the sights, eating seafood, staying up late, and just plain enjoying our time together. More posts and pictures to follow from Beach Trip 2012...

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