Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Have A Friend

I have a friend whom I met 33 years ago. Yes, that would mean as an infant in the nursery at church. Before either of us knew what a "friend" was.
I have a friend whom I have shared countless slumber parties, playdates, and trips with.
I have a friend who's family became like my family as our friendship blossomed.
I have a friend who stood with me the day I asked Jesus into my heart and accepted Him as my personal Savior. She was even with me on the special day when our pastor baptized us both.
I have a friend who sat beside me when we learned first-hand of death at a young age. "God just wanted to pick the prettiest flower" my mom's friend told us. Imagine two little girls trying really hard to comprehend what had just happened and really hard to be there for our friend who was deeply hurting.
I have a friend who stood beside me when I said, "I do." And I was there beside her six months later when she said it, too.
And I gave birth to my first child 5 months before she gave birth to hers.

I consider it pretty amazing to have my friend, Kate. I bet not many folks can say they have had a friend since infancy. I know our friendship had seen its ups and downs over the course of 33 years (I probably haven't been the friend I could have or should have been), but I believe that God has intertwined our lives in such a way that no matter what, there's a special bond. A bond that is so strong that when she hurts, I hurt. When she's scared, I'm scared. When one of our babies is sick, we are concerned for one another and our children. Over the years, God has placed new friends in our lives, friends who have enriched both of our lives. Some of those have become mutual friends which just makes our circle of friends even greater!

My friend, Kate, is a smart, strong, talented, beautiful person who is a wonderful mother to 3 beautiful children. And the strength and faith she possesses is being shown right now as she vigilantly sits beside her baby girl, Lucy. I believe that Lucy is strong like her Mommy. I remember the day Lucy was born and going to the hospital to see her beautiful face for the first time. I remember feeling just a tad bit jealous that Kate looked so good after giving birth, sitting up in the bed, getting up and down to do things, whereas I could hardly move after my repeat c-section when I had had Jonah 8 months earlier.
Words can never describe what I know she and Erik and their family are going through right now. I am watching before my eyes a unity in prayer and Christian love for Lucy's healing in our community and beyond!  (I bet Lucy would like that being the Buzz Lightyear fan that she is!)

I know first-hand of the fear. I know first-hand of the shock. I wish with all my heart and soul that my friend did not have to know it, too. I find comfort in knowing I have a friend in Jesus, too. Like the words of one of my favorite hymns we sang growing up,
What a friend we have in Jesus.
All our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.
Please continue to pray for Lucy and her family.

Go, Lucy, go! While I wish with every ounce of my being that you would never have to go through what you are going through, I pray that you and my Mary Claire will forever be walking testimonies to God's goodness. I love your Mommy and your family, and I love you.


Kate said...

oh, sweet Nicole. My love for you has never changed. We do have a bond. To someone from the outside, they might never understand it. But when I count my blessings I count you twice. My friend since birth my friend till death. I love you so very much and your sweet words have filled my broken heart tonight with happiness.

Holly said...

So elegantly put, Nicole. You and Kate are precious souls and strong women and I have no doubt that Lucy, Ella and Mary Claire are any different. There are so many days that I regret that we had to move so far away and today and these past few and the ones ahead are indeed some of those. Please know that the distance between us makes the ache in my heart any less. From one mother to another and another you want to move mountains for your children, but the fact that that kind of power is only possible through prayer and God's help. I will continue to pray for God's strength to rain upon you through this difficult time and know that prayer measures know distance. God is one and he is with you and me. As I say these words to you I know that hears my cries. Your are loved. Be at peace and lay your burdens at his feet.

Holly said...

Correction: Please know that the distance between us does NOT make the ache in my heart any less.

Laura Dawson said...

What sweet words Nicole.....I don't need to cry when I read your blog, I cry enough with Kate's!! Thanks for sharing