Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday in the Park

A quick shot from the tire swing!
John Owen, Mary Claire and Jonah
March 2011
These pictures are from our time spent Saturday morning at the park. Jonah has been practically begging me since we had that "warm spell" a few weeks back to take him to the "castle park" and nature trail. The weather hasn't exactly cooperated, but this past Saturday, there was no excuse for NOT going to the castle park. Off we went! When we arrived, there was a birthday party about to start for someone we knew plus a baseball tournament being held at the nearby field, so there ended up being quite a good number of people there to play with. A picnic lunch, a trip down the nature trail, and then I had some folks ready for a good nap.

John Owen doing his best monkey impersonation!

My little monkey sliding down the "big slide".

Just a swingin'

Can you tell she was the only one I could keep up with for some picture-taking?

I called up to "Prince Jonah" in the tower, but I am pretty sure it should have been the other way around. :-)

Caught him hangin' around

Like brother, like sister!

One shot of the boys in action.


Christi said...

Like the new layout :). You know as soon as I saw the title of this post I started singing! Great pics!

The Howard 5 said...

We were playing ball this weekend there and Brie went to the park with our cousin and got soaked!!!