Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never Too Late

O.K. So I am a little behind in posting about the 100th day of school and some other things for February, but it's never too late, right? John Owen was so proud of his 100th day project. His class was instructed to use 100 things in their project, so we decided to use popcorn. We popped the popcorn, then he counted out 100 pieces, and I asked him, "Well, what are you going to make with that popcorn?"
And his response...
A Dinosaur!
His 100th Day Dinosaur!

These next few pictures are some I took a few weeks ago when Jan took us all to see his new location for his company. He is busily trying to get it ready to move into in the next month or so. I am excited for him. This place will be his own, and he has a great vision for it. I am proud of him. He had a vision for this company 15 years ago when he started All Day Lawn, and he works very hard.
We had fun playing outside while he worked on drawing up some floor plan ideas for the office part of the new place.

Jonah's silly little self...ready for take-off!
A sweet group hug!

More playing around behind the shop.

The view of the train tracks behind the shop. Yeah, they ARE CLOSE! Mary Claire literally jumped into my arms when the train rolled by and blew the horn. It was LOUD!

This little girl has spent some time watching basketball this season, huh? I came in from the garage the other
night and this is how I found her in the kitchen. Jan and I both got a good laugh! (The Lancome headband I use when washing my face at night is a nice touch, don't you think?)
Future "b-baller"?

And this is a special group of girlfriends out for Christi's girls' night out the first weekend in February. We had reservations for P.F. Changs, but the threatening snow put a halt on those plans, and we met at Marlo's here in town. Christi has since given birth to a beautiful (& big) baby boy, Harrison. I wish I could get together with these girls more often than we are able to, but we are all busy being "Mommies" these days, it's difficult to find much extra time. Still, I love the moments I do get to see them.

This last picture was one I took of the sky as the sun was setting the day we were at Jan's new shop. I came across it today as I looked back through my February pictures. My camera just can't do justice to God's handy work. I would bold-face lie if I sat here and didn't tell you that I look at a picture like this, think about so much that plagues my mind on this Earth, and I almost say out loud, "Lord, I'm ready. I am ready to leave this place, this worldly pain, this fear of the unknown, and come to be at home with You. It's o.k if you want to rapture us right now!" (Not that God would need my approval for that...) I certainly couldn't contain my emotion Sunday morning at church in the choir as we sang. The Holy Spirit was most certainly in that place. I have grown up in that church, and I don't remember another time we've had a standing ovation during a choir special! I thought it was a HUGE deal when somebody started CLAPPING after the special music at our church some years ago. :-)
This picture reminds me of Your greatness. You made the Earth, You made the sky, You made all the little things, too. I admit I am guilty of being afraid when I know You have said to trust You. I am scared right now, and I know that it is Satan that uses fear in me because he knows my weakness in my human nature. Help me to turn my back on Satan. Lord, I know that You have a plan for us all. I know I have said that I would like a "sneak peek" at what that plan is, but I also know that that is not what would bring me closer to You. Only trusting You and believing in You will I find comfort. Lord, I say a special prayer for Lucy tonight and, as my Mary Claire said in her prayer tonight, for "Wucy's Pa-wents" [translation: Lucy's Parents]. I believe that this was Your way of showing me that You can speak through my 2 year old if You want to. You are amazing! Thank you for loving us, Lord. Thank you for amazing, merciful love! You alone are worthy of all my praise. Amen.

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