Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Mary Claire!

I can't believe that I'm typing this, but my "baby" just turned 6 years old! We celebrated this special birthday with a mermaid party! A few mermaid friends, a pool to splash in, a cake, mermaid cookies, and presents to open...What mermaid wouldn't be happy on her birthday?
Here's some pictures from the party:
We had so much fun planning and getting ready for the party! Then we had so much fun at the party, I completely forgot to take pictures while we were swimming! The pearl gumball necklaces we made for Mary Claire's friends were a BIG hit at the party. And her big brothers even helped by "hooking" treats on the girls' fishing rods as they "went fishing"! (Thanks, John Owen and Jonah!) Happy birthday to you, Mary Claire! And many more...:) I LOVE YOU!!

I have loved every minute of the birthday parties we have planned and celebrated. It's a lot of work, but it's FUN at the same time. Sadly, I am done with planning themed birthday parties. I vowed that after my children turned 6, the themed parties would end. But we can still have loads of FUN with a sleepover or activity with a few friends. A special birthday dinner and a cake or cupcakes, of course...Whatever the birthday boy/girl requests! We LOVE birthday celebrations!

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