Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ode to August

August is a down-right, CRAZY month! Start of the new school year, dance classes, soccer practices/games, church activities...whew! It's always nice to see the end of this month and see things calm down a bit, hopefully. I never use the words SLOW DOWN--they simply are not words in my vocabulary. Not anymore!
My two handsome guys on the first day of school!
 Jonah is in 2nd grade, and John Owen is in 4th grade this year!
Jonah's 2nd grade teacher is Ms. Whitney Robertson, and he LOVES the his best friend, Bo, is in his class this year. :)
 John Owen's 4th grade teacher is Mrs. Jessica Pickett!
 This was the scene in the car after the first full week of school!
We had just pulled into Sonic for an after school treat at Happy Hour when I turned around to find BOTH boys asleep!! Worn out and weary...
 Little Miss Mary Claire started her last year of Pre-K the week after the boys and I started back. This is a picture I snapped at Open House with Jan holding her hand as she entered the building.

Waving goodbye as the bus pulled in to pick her up!
 And we are so happy that Mrs. Delores is Mary Claire's bus driver again! Mrs. Delores has driven all 3 of our "babies" to preschool, and she's a special lady!
Thank you, Mrs. Delores!
It's still HOT here, and when we don't have somewhere to be, you will find us by the pool at Mimi's house trying to stay COOL! Perhaps there'll be a break in the temps soon. I think I might be ready for some cool, fall weather!
Farewell, August...

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