Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Ah, yes! Here we are...all happy, happy happy!:)
Mary Claire wasn't into looking at the camera too much in the picture above.

But in this one, she is POINTIN' TO JESUS!
He is RISEN!!
(While Jan's eyes are closed and Jonah cuts his eyes at his sister.)
Oh, the anatomy of the family Easter picture!
I'll spare you the other shots taken. hehe

We had a wonderful spring break week and Easter weekend. Very relaxed, no where to be really, and did pretty much what we wanted to. We still had swim team practice and a short orthodontic appt. for Mary Claire, but overall, a FREE from school/work schedule.
Here's some pictures that tell some of the story of our 2013 Spring Break and Easter:

We made resurrection rolls and read scripture from the Bible as we made them.

This was a special gift that was given to us when we lost Jan's mother in June 2010.
I leave it out all year, but it was a focal point of our Easter decorations.
Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” – John 20:26-29

Of course, the secular part of Easter is fun, too!

In the top left hand corner of these shelves are two of my favorite Easter decorations. The cross with nails and a smaller wrought iron cross a special friend gave to me when my grandmother passed away.

My favorite bunny with his carrot sweater.:)
I think I've had him for 20 years.

Our Easter candy jars with the book I am currently reading on the counter. It's The Whole Bible Story, and so far, I am enjoying it. Truth be told, I left in on the counter so that I would not forget to read a page or two everyday. My plan hasn't worked out perfectly, but I am slowly getting it read.
And for the candy, we are finally down to the last of the Starburst jellybeans! Oh my goodness!
I really think I need intervention when Easter rolls around every year and they put these jellybeans out at Wal-Mart!!I think I haven't eaten my weight in these! They are addictive...

Dyeing Easter eggs in our pajamas!

John Owen gives this dyeing thing a "thumbs up"!

Thursday night, our friend, Hutch, came to spend the night and we had a glow in the dark egg hunt!
Loads of fun!

Bunnies in a cup! (Pudding with coconut wafers, strawberry icing and jellybeans...super easy!)

Easter Sunday at Aunt Dinah's

I love this picture!
Does it remind you of The Christmas Story?:)
Aunt Dinah has this tradition of having the youngest child wear the pink bunny suit. Mary Claire wasn't the youngest one there, but she put the suit on...for a few minutes anyway.

Jonah "hopped" around in the bunny ears. Something tells me if the pink bunny suit would have fit him, he'd have put it on, too!

My grandmother and me
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
His is Risen!

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