Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Spring Saturday

With snow in the forecast tonight, I am choosing to pretend that it is a comfortable 65-70 degrees with beautiful sunshine. I love snow, but after this past Saturday's perfect weather, I am longing for slightly warmer temps and outside time with my kiddos. More days like this past Saturday would be just fine with me...
We took part in the Cardinal Run last Saturday as a family. I did the 5k with my mom and dad (with my dad pushing Mary Claire in the stroller), and the boys opted for the Fun Run (1/4 mile).

I neglected to get someone to take a picture of the whole group with my camera, but I did manage to get pics of the boys.:)
It was a small event, but the kids had fun. Mary Claire decided, at the last minute, that she would not run in the Fun Run.

John Owen after the run!

The first (Jonah) and second (John Owen) place Kids' Fun Run winners.:)

Jonah didn't realize he was supposed to run "down the chute" at the finish. He ran around the hurdles, but finished well ahead of everyone else.:) I made sure the race director knew he had crossed first despite some protest from his big brother about not running the right way. haha

We left the race, headed to get some lunch, and decided to take our lunch to one of the nearby parks. I laid on the bench beside where the kids played, and soaked up the sunshine. It was so nice!
It was on that bench lying in the sun, that I began to think about Spring Break and what our clan was going to do to fill our extra time next week. We are not traveling, and I'm sorta glad that we are going to be around the house with no agenda. Of course, I cannot let the week go by without some sort of fun actvity or two. I am going to take the kids to see the new Oz movie. But before they can see the new one, they had to see the wonderful original! So, Saturday afternoon, I used my resourcefulness (insert sarcasm) and sent a text to several girlfriends that live nearby to see if anyone had the Wizard of Oz. (I had already checked the local Wal-Mart and had no luck.) Thank goodness for friends!:)
Saturday night was movie night at the Hensley house!

Would you just look at these faces mesmerized by the scenes from the movie?

(Please don't judge the cups you see us using in the picture. We only use plastic when we eat in the living room while watching a movie. Laughed when I noticed our CASH EXPRESS cups were in the picture!)

Other than the Oz movie, I have some other ideas to keep us occupied next week. More than anything, we are hopeful that the forecasted snow is pretty to watch, but is out of here as quickly as possible so maybe spring can make its official debut! 
Happy Spring Break!

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