Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Family 5K

We did it! Last Saturday morning, we ALL completed our first "family" 5K! :) The Rebel Run at Tipton Rosemark Academy, and it was a special thing...

O.K., so it's NOT the best picture.
Can you see the CRAZY smiles?! It's just not natural...
Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. The wonderfully sweet stranger who offered to take a group picture of us told us to say "GUACAMOLE", so we did!
I really think that's why those of us with these CHEESY grins look the way we do.:)
And if you'll notice, there is a little girl missing from the picture above...
It's because she loves her "Su-Su" sooo much, she ran to her while we were trying to snap the photo.

(I love you, too, "Su-Su".)

Mary Leslie and Mary Claire getting "warmed up".:)

Waiting for the start signal!

Mimi won first place in her age group and set a personal record for her 5k time!!
Way to go, Mimi!
Daddy Nick (and Mary Claire in the jogging stroller) won a medal, too!
(Pretty good odds of winning when you are the only one in your age group. We certainly got a laugh out of that after the race and when my dad's name was called out for his medal.)
Way to go, Daddy Nick! And thank you for helping Mary Claire finish her 1st 5k!

I started out the race pacing with John Owen, but halfway through the race, Jan and I switched running partners, and I ended the race with Jonah! It was nice to get to run with both of my boys. John Owen's time was 34:00, and he was 4th in his age group. And Jonah crossed the finish line at 36:00 and was 6th in the same age group division. I was so proud of both of them!!
Way to go, John Owen and Jonah!

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to you all! The boys both did great!!!