Monday, January 17, 2011

Upward Basketball 2011

Our boys are playing Upward basketball this year in lieu of playing with the local sports and recreation league. We really like it, too. I like that they have a devotional time at every practice and that they have a Bible verse to learn before each practice session. They pray before each game and someone speaks/shares a short devotion at the halftime of each game. It seems to be a great outreach program, and I hope it continues to be successful in making a difference in people's lives for Christ while at the same time having fun playing basketball.

This is Jonah's first time to play organized basketball, and he's is still learning how the game is played. One thing I can say about him is he is fast on his feet...he might not have the dribbling of the ball mastered yet, but he can sure run with the ball! (During his very first game last weekend, a few people came up to me after his game and said I really should get him signed up for football next year. hehe He got the rebound once, tucked the ball under his arm... just like a natural runningback would do in football...and ran to the outside line and down the court.) It was hilarious! Of course, they blew whistle and called walking on him due to the fact that he showed no intention of trying to dribble that ball. :-) Football, here we come!

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Elizabeth said...

we are playing Upward too! Same uniforms and all! We love it too. I am not sure if you all have Upward football but we do here and are planning on signing Holden up for this fall. I am sure Jonah would love it too. Hope you all have a great season. Our games are hilarious!