Friday, January 14, 2011

And Just Like That...

it was over!
Mary Claire's surgery to remove her adenoids and have tubes put in her ears went great and much quicker than I anticipated!

We arrived at the surgery center a little before 7:00 yesterday morning and
got her little surgery gown and socks on.

 We followed that with a "tickle session" from Daddy,

a little time spent in Mommy's arms,

some time spent playing while Mommy and Daddy talked some things over with the doctor and anesthesia team,

 and then it was time!
A trip through the "Bunny Tunnel" to pick out a special doll with a doctor kit,

and we watched her walk away without looking back or shedding a tear as the nurse led her through the automatic doors and into the surgery area. (I walked back around the corner out of sight, but I stood there for a few seconds listening to see if I heard her cry for me. She didn't cry, but I almost did.)

Then we returned to our room to wait.
And just like that...

she was right back where she should be- 
in my arms!
She's done great so far. She's napping now and had a restful night last night. The doctor said she had a lot of fluid on both ears, her adenoids had mucus behind them and they were large, so I hope this surgery brings her lots of relief from ear infections and possible hearing or speech problems in the future.
She was a great patient yesterday and awoke pretty pleasantly from the anesthesia. I am so thankful for so many things right now...
Thank you, God.
(And thank you to my family and friends for your prayers and concerns.)


Brandi said...

So glad to hear it went well Nicole. I had ya'll on my mind yesterday.

Elizabeth said...

Great news!!! Hopefully you all are on the road to recovery!

Cherri said...

So glad everything went smoothly :)

Christi said...

Seeing her in that little hospital gown breaks my heart! It killed me when they took P back for his little surgery. So thankful that our kids are healthy and we don't have to see them in hospital gowns all the time.

Kate said...

those pictures are precious. She is such an angel.