Monday, January 10, 2011

Frosty the Snowman

was a jolly, happy soul!
With a cowboy hat
and a carrot nose
and 2 eyes made out of Oreos! :-)

We are enjoying our first snow day of the 2011 season and the snow was just perfect for making a snowman today! (Thanks to Mimi for coming over and helping us!)
A hug for Frosty!
Snow Day
January 10, 2011
Last night, we were so excited to see the start of the snowflakes before we went to bed...
Then we awoke this morning to "a white blanket covering everything" (words/description made by John Owen). So, after cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we headed out for some fun in the snow...
Snowball fight!

Mary Claire in the snowsuit from Germany. Mimi bought it for John Owen when we traveled to Germany to visit our friends there. Now all 3 children have worn the suit! It's a little big on Mary Claire now, so I hope next year she can wear it again. It is really warm!

I love this picture of Jonah!

Oops! "I've fallen, and I can't get up in this suit you put me in!" This was one of a few spills she took today as she tried to keep up with her brothers.

(Don't know why this one is blurry, but it shows some more snowball throwin' action. Notice Baby Sister is almost caught in the crossfire! Sorry, Mary Claire!)

We've had hot chocolate, warmed our toes by the fire, played the wii, watched a little of Toy Story 3, and taken a nap. Now, for sno cream to complete our snow day! The best part about today...we just found out we'll have another snow day tomorrow! :-)


Brandi said...

I wish I had her snow suit today- I am the only one at our house without coverall's. Guess where I'm going tomorrow- Stockdales!

Elizabeth said...

Great snowman and what a fun snow day! Enjoy!