Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Turning 5 and Having Fun!

My sweet Jonah turns 5 tomorrow...7:55 a.m. tomorrow to be exact! I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing he is to us. Jonah is thoughtful, very thoughtful! He sometimes thinks of things that surpass his age, I think. He loves little things. He's always been my "collector"--Sometimes it's frustrating, I'll admit, but I read in a parenting magazine once that it is a good sign of intelligence when your young child does this. No doubt this was probably written by someone who was trying to make themself feel better about the number of little things cleaned up on an almost daily basis. hehe We'll see, I guess. As I have said before, Jonah is my funny man. He keeps us laughing. He has to hug everybody in our family..."A hug for you, and a hug for you, and a hug for you, too." He loves his baby sister and his big brother. I love the way he loves them. Jonah loves to be the "boss", and I think it's so funny how he will tell his brother while they are playing, "O.K., I am the boss here." (He's even told me!) I would not be surprised if he is the boss someday! :-) Jonah is loyal and loving and lovely to be around. His blue eyes are special and beautiful and easily reveal what his heart feels.

My little collector with his little Super Mario and Luigi figures from his cake!

A 5th Birthday Party with friends, Bo and Benjamin
(All born within 10 days of each other)

On the eve of his 5th birthday, we are celebrating with his 1st sleepover!
Bo is here, and Jonah couldn't be happier with a friend, pizza, sundaes, & a Super Mario movie to watch!
Bring on the chocolate sprinkles!

I am so very proud of you and thankful that God has given me the privilege to be your Mommy. I love you, Daddy loves you, Mary Claire and Owen, too!  :-) Happy 5th birthday to you!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Jonah! Hopefully the first sleepover went well and they actually slept!