Sunday, July 25, 2010

"L" is for Lipstick

Lip gloss, rather! Yesterday, Mary Claire and I joined Jan as he ran some errands and consequently, found ourselves passing the time waiting in the car. At one point, and maybe in an attempt to busy myself, I pulled out my bag to search for my lip gloss. After all, it was Saturday morning...a day when I try NOT to put on make-up or do much in the getting dressed department. :-) "Dress down" is the concept in mind, so lipstick is definitely not an option! Nevertheless, I took out the lip gloss, and Mary Claire immediately cried out from the backseat, "I want some!" Seeing how it was the lip gloss and not the real thing, I gave it to her. And before I could show her what to do with it, she puckered her lips up and slowly began applying it! And what luck to have my camera in the car with me! A kodak moment captured...


Yes, I think that's just the right color! :-)

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