Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Out!

We've reached another milestone with the loss of Owen's first tooth. The tooth has been loose for a while, and last night after we had put him to bed, he came running downstairs with his tooth in his hand. (No doubt he was probably lying in bed wiggling the tooth instead of going right to sleep.)

He was so excited, and we were, too! He decided to not leave it under his pillow last night so that he could show it off to his little brother this morning. Consequently, tonight we are hoping the tooth fairy will pay him a visit. "Maybe the tooth fairy will leave me 4 quarters or 1 dollar," he just said to me before dinner. We shall see... :-)

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Amy said...

Aww! Tell J.O. congrats! I hope the tooth fairy is good to him! From what I hear there's been a little inflation since our days of loosing teeth. Who would have thought!?