Friday, May 7, 2010

Once Upon a Week

There are a few things in particular that I want to remember about this week, but let me go ahead and say it is NOT the stomach virus that I came down with Sunday night and have been dealing with every day this week. THAT hasn't been fun at all! You know that feeling that if you could just throw up, you might feel better? Yeah, well, no such luck here. (Sorry if that grossed you out.)

Despite the awful "crampy" stomach and nausea episodes, we, MOMS must press on! It's episodes like this that really make me appreciate what I got tonight as an early Mother's Day gift...I'll just disclose that it includes some much needed "Me" time. (Can you feel my excitement?)

I am glad the sickness wasn't something that kept me from still enjoying my children and being thankful for the privilege to be called "Mommy".  Mary Claire and I enjoyed the roses blooming outside her window a few days ago...

 I spotted these 3 roses sitting perfectly together & I couldn't help thinking about my 3 gifts from God...all beautifully made in His image. I looked all over that rose bush and never found another group of 3 like this one! I consider it a "God Stop" moment! (A moment you stop and know God is showing you or trying to tell you something.)

I looked up from taking some pictures of the roses only to find her CHEESE-ing at me from the open back hatch of the van! I couldn't resist!

On Thursday, John Owen's class held a Mother's Day Tea, so I attended as his special guest. And special I did feel! He stood up and told everyone he loved me because I was the "best mom in the WHOLE WIDE world!" Awww...
His teacher created a DVD of memories from the year which she showed to the moms! I should have taken my kleenex. Seeing my baby in his Kindergarten graduation gown and seeing the words "Class of 2022" brought tears to my eyes.
This next picture shows something I want to remember just like I remember trips to my grandmother's house in Jackson and how she would give us cups of Cool Whip to eat. Why Cool Whip and not ice cream? I don't know. It was good, though. And I think of that every time Mary Claire & Jonah say they want "whis cream" (Jonah still mispronounces this, but it's just so DARN cute, I don't bother correcting him.) or "i keem" (As Mary Claire calls it and ice cream!)
She'll tell me she wants a "ircle" (translation: circle)
So, Mommy draws circles & all kinds of shapes with Redi-Whip!!
Bet you never knew Cool Whip could be so educational!

Why use the spoon I placed on your tray when using your HAND is so much more FUN?! :-)

You can see how happy this makes us!

This afternoon I tried taking some pictures of Mary Claire in the backyard for her birthday party invitation. She will soon celebrate her 2nd birthday, and I just can't believe it!
I took lots of shots. Boy, taking pictures of a toddler is exhausting. Props to all you photographers of small children! (Oh, and if you wonder about why she has that HUGE flower in her hair? It's because her party is going to be a luau! Aloha! )
I thought that in this one she looks like she's thinking, "Hmm...if I can just get past her & that camera to that sandbox over there, I'll be home free!"

And this one was one of my favorites!
Happy Mother's Day to all you "Moms" out there!
May we all remember to cherish the moments.

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