Friday, May 21, 2010

May Days

May = Baseball is in full swing! (no pun intended)

Wow! Only one more work week left for me, 4 1/2 days left for John Owen, and today was Jonah's last day of school! Can't believe we are about to start our summer break! The month of June is already "packed" with events in my daily planner. Really, you should see my planner! One of the ladies at my work saw my planner open on my desk the other day and commented, " Boy, I thought I had alot going on. Your daily planner is FULL!" Yep, that's right....ALOT goin' on. One day at a time, one day at a time...

Here's some things I want to remember from May 2010:

This is Jonah playing in the dirt on the pitcher's mound during his game.
Very typical behavior for the 3 & 4 year old teams along with swatting at bugs, pulling up grass, climbing the fence in the dugout. O.K. Can someone remind me of why I signed up to coach the team? :-)

Nevermind that last question...
this face is all the WHY I need for coaching his adorable team!

Our 2nd zoo trip of the year!
My 3 little monkeys gettin' excited about watching the monkey play around.
**Please disregard the rear ends of the strangers standing in the picture. They probably wouldn't appreciate this picture as much as I do. hehe**

"Oh, Buddha...if I rub his belly just right, can I make a wish and it come true?"
Don't know why she liked it so much! Maybe she thought it was a baby!

Jan & I acted like we were in college again last weekend and went down to the Hard Rock on Beale to listen to my brother's band, Delta Stone. Here they are rockin' it!
(My brother, Christopher, to the far left.)

Christopher and me after the show which by the way was over at 11:45 p.m. I was up WAY past my bedtime! And don't I sooo look the part of "band groupie" with my Delta Stone t-shirt?

And tonight, before we went to bed, we spotted a cool frog "hangin' out" on our back door.
We just had to take a picture of Mr. Frog!

Our May days haven't ended yet, but so far, we've had a month full of great things!
Coming soon(like, next week!)...John Owen's Kindergarten graduation, Mary Claire's 2nd birthday, & 
the start of SUMMER! 

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Laura Dawson said...

It's crazy to think about hanging out on Beale at 11:45..Go girl!!