Thursday, August 13, 2009

And...We're Off!

I have heard other parents say, and I think it's probably true that once your child starts to Kindergarten, it's like the years seem to race by! I have mentally tried to prepare myself for the day John Owen would start to school. I knew the day was coming...gosh, I even put it off by sending him to Pre-K for a 3rd year! :-) But this time, I couldn't put it off any longer and this week we set off on our journey to elementary school. John Owen was up early, dressed and proudly walked downstairs Monday morning. He did not ride with me as I had to be there early, but he waited on his Daddy to pick him up so they could meet me at school and we could all walk down the hallway to his class together. My mom said he went out to the mailbox after he ate his breakfast and stood there watching for Jan to drive up. He must have stood there for 20 mins! I wish I'd left her the camera so she could have taken a picture!

Daddy, Mommy & John Owen in his classroom

John Owen has a very pretty & young teacher, and we are very excited that he is in her class. Plus, she has the same first name as his Mommy, so that in itself should make him feel right at home, huh? He did so good on his first day! Even his thermos exploding his fruit punch all over him didn't put a damper on his attitude. I think he'd have worn the "red stuff" for the rest of the day with no problem. We did change his clothes, but I couldn't get all the "red stuff" out of his hair! Good grief!

Note to self: Do not put red fruit punch in his thermos again. Better yet...get a new thermos and don't spend the extra money again on the kind that exploded when opened!


Elizabeth said...

You look like you handled the first day well. I would have been crying like crazy! But the good thing is you are so close if you are ever needed. Maybe I should become a teacher!

Kendra said...

How sweet...John Owen doesn't look the least bit scared. I think that means you've done a great job getting him ready for his big day!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you did great! I did pretty good when JH started Kindergarten but I cried this year. (I think it was the hormones)