Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow Days of Winter 2014

Mary Claire and me getting ready to go down the hill!
We have enjoyed our snow days of Winter 2014! We've had a lot of ice, but it has provided us with some FUN sledding! We stayed out for 3 1/2 hours on Tuesday...The kids came back with a bit of a sunburn, and I felt so bad for forgetting to put sunscreen on them.:( But they said it was worth it for the fun we had with friends. At one point, there were about 25 people sledding with us! I brought snacks and drinks, and we just had a BLAST! After day 3 of being "cooped up", we decided it was time to venture out to...where else? SONIC!! Su-Su and I shoveled ice and snow out of the driveway, and we set out with a car full of kids!! FREEDOM! :) That might be a bit dramatic, but hey, it made for some good laughs and memories!

This picture makes me think of another picture of a maybe 2 year old "me" with an 8 year old "Su-Su" playing in the snow by the houses we grew up in. My forever "sister"...:) My children love her as much as I do! 

Madison, Mary Claire and Susan

Mary Claire loves her time with "Su-Su"!

And her time with Madison!

The girls!:)

My 3 lovin' some snow days!

John Owen and Mary Claire ready to go out in the snow!

Getting out the door can be so hard sometimes!:) Especially with gloves on...

The most beautiful snowflakes were falling and we tried to catch a couple of pictures as they landed on the car. Cool!

John Owen asked me to take his picture by the red bushes on the corner of the street. Beautiful with the fallen snow!
MC, Ashton, Ellie, and Maryleslie ready to sled down the hill!

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