Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Swim Team 2012

The boys' 2012 swim season is winding down with this week being the boys' last official week. This year, the Tunica Swim Championship will be held on Jonah's 7th birthday, July 15th. For a couple reasons, of which I won't elaborate on right now, the boys will not be competing at Tunica this year. They have done great this year and showed wonderful time improvements, nonetheless. They both say the breaststroke is their favorite. :) Notably, they both completed their first IM which is a 100 yard swim including the breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. (25 yards of each)
Thought I'd include some pictures I have managed to snap and share them:
John Owen at first swim meet

Jonah before his first swim

I think that would be John Owen!:)

John Owen doing the backstroke

"Talking things over" with Miss Marcy and Hyatt:)

I think he's ready!

Look at Jonah go!

Taking a break with Daddy

A little dive action by John Owen

And Jonah's ready to dive off of the platform!

John Owen and Mr. Erik cheering someone on while Hyatt adjusts his goggles.:)

There's my big boy, ready for some swim action!

It's hard to believe they have been a part of the swim team for 3 years now. Wow! Time flies.
Jonah swam his first race as a 4 year old, almost 3 weeks before his 5th birthday. I will never forget how nervous I was the first time he swam down the lane.
Mary Claire is 4 now and just started swimming with very little to no assistance, so who knows? She just might join the team next summer!?
I think swimming is so good for their bodies and helps strengthen their muscles. Plus, it's a good activity for the hot summer days, right?
Thank you to our coaches, Mrs. Nora, Miss Marcie, and Mrs. Lisa!
Thank you for your time and patience:)
Just keep swimming...

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