Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Happy Birthday

That's just what this little boy had!
Happy 7th birthday, Jonah!
"Turning 7 is a BLAST!" was the theme he came up with, so we searched the internet for pictures of bomb cakes, and he decided on the one pictured above. Thank goodness for local bakeries and people who have the talent to make cakes. Amen?!
It turned out great, and we had a BLAST helping him celebrate turning 7. He asked for a tether ball pole for his birthday. That's right, you read that right...a tether ball pole!
It has not arrived, but I will certainly post pictures when it does.:)
Today ended our weekend plus one day of celebrating bithdays. Today, as I ate a cupcake at Jonah's party at Incredible Pizza, I wondered if it might be possible to overdose on birthday cake icing.
Good grief! I'm gonna have to run extra miles or put some extra time in on the elliptical for this!

Saturday, we picked up 2 mom's cake and Jonah's cake. We surprised my mom with a birthday dinner at McAlister's with friends.
Somehow the cake slid and the left side was a little "smushed". Oh well, it still tasted great!

I think she was surprised:)

Jonah was born on Mom's birthday, so we celebrated her birthday Saturday night and then Sunday, celebrated Jonah with a dinner at Mimi's house around the pool.
I was so proud of John Owen because he took all of his money from his jar and bought his brother a birthday present. It was completely on his own initiative! We snuck away to Wal-Mart Friday night under the "disguise" of going to buy some school supplies, and he made his purchase for Jonah. These two are so close...John Owen knew exactly what Jonah would like.:)
And Jonah loved it!

Jonah opening his gift from his big brother.
All in all, I'd say he had a great birthday!
I am so thankful for this little boy that God gave me 7 years ago. He brings me joy everyday!
Happy birthday, Jonah!
We love you soooo much!

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