Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Part 1

Well, spring break is winding down...Oh, how I hate to see it go!! We have enjoyed ourselves and gotten quite a few things accomplished so far this week. I asked the children to name one thing they really wanted to do over the break, and here's what they said:
John Owen: "I want to go to the movie theater."
Jonah: "I think I want to go to the zoo."
Mary Claire: "I want to get some pink flowers.":)

This Momma took notes and then added my own "to do" things to the list, feeling very content about the fact that I didn't have to worry about packing bags to go somewhere this week. Just a week at home with my kids...You know, sometimes just NOT having a schedule or somewhere to be is NICE!

John Owen got to fulfill his spring break wish Friday night with a date with Mommy to the movie theatre! We went to Sonic and then to see "The Lorax" in 3D! He was so sweet to offer that we share a big drink, just like he has seen his Daddy and me do when we go to the movies. :) It was nice to spend some time with my big boy!

Ready for The Lorax in 3D!

(Kind of a dark picture taken with my phone)
As a "It's Spring Break" kick-off, I bought tickets to "the greatest show on earth", and we went to the CIRCUS on Saturday afternoon! The kids were mesmerized by the different daring and amazing acts. (Mommy and Daddy were amazed, too!)

John Owen (8), Jonah (6), and Mary Claire (3)


I got the kids' closets cleaned out Sunday afternoon to get a jump on my "to do" list. :) A 6 mile run uptown with Jan and Laura finished up a great Sunday and a great kick-off to my spring break!

Monday, we spent a couple of hours picnicing at the park with friends and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!

Don't these boys look so excited about picture time? I'd say they were a little outnumbered by the girls in the group.

"Mommy, here's a flower for you!"

This is how boys PLAY!!

Down the slide!!
A fun day at the park!

Spring be continued!

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