Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Blogger's Block!

You would think I've had "blogger's block" with the lack of posting I have done lately. Gosh, where did the last 2 weeks go? I can assure you, it's not a lack of content to blog about...

We've had a little sickness around here for the last 2 weeks with sinus infections for everybody, and a possible fever virus that struck 3 out of the 5 folks in this house. Despite all of that, we continue to run at a constant, regular pace. Out of the house by 7:00 a.m., home again sometime after 4:00 p.m., supper fixed, a little laundry done, a bath/shower for 3 little people, a run for me and/or Jan (taking turns, of course) as we TRY to stay on a running schedule, and then bedtime for the little people that keep me running. MY BED TIME COMES LATER AND LATER EVERY NIGHT SO IT SEEMS!!

The following content comes from our niece's wedding. Jade and Riley were married this past Sat., March 17th at Garland Baptist Church. It was a nice wedding. Mary Claire did a wonderful job as the flower girl!! I was so proud of her. She stayed true-to-self as she "sprinted" down the aisle, made a silly face at Christi when she spotted her in the congregation, handed her basket off to one of the bridesmaids because she just didn't want to hold it:), held the bride's hand right before the exchange of the rings, and then shrugged her shoulders at strangers in the crowd as she left as if to say, "I guess I'm supposed to follow the rest of these folks outta here." No major interruptions to the service, and we were SUPER happy with that!!
Just a beautiful flower girl with just a LITTLE personality (insert: sarcasm).

And that's only the start of it! Jonah has been keeping me SUPER busy with his animal collection he seems to have started. I am seriously considering charging admission and renaming this house the Hensley ZOO! Fish, frogs, butterflies, dog, turtle...you can keep your little ones entertained here, for sure! It all started with these:

Then, while we waited to see these complete their metamorphosis, we found this...
His name is Izzy, and he's a baby snapping turtle...Great!!
And if that is not enough,
he brought this home the next day...

Oh, my sweet Jonah, and his love for all living creatures! He asked me yesterday on the way to school if we could put the frog someplace other than with the turtle because the tadpoles would need room. TADPOLES?!
Now, hold on a second...
When he told Jan this, Jan simply said, "Son, you have to have 2 frogs for there to be tadpoles." Jonah quickly came back with, "Well, I'll just have to get me another frog out of Daddy Nick and Mimi's skimmer!":)
I just happened to come across a book about Painted Lady Butterflies today in the library, so I brought it home for us to read to Jonah before bed. He studied it, and then asked, "Momma, do the mommy butterflies stay with their eggs?" I told him that I didn't think so.
(I even looked it up in the book, and it only said they lay the eggs on the underside of a leaf. When in doubt, use your available resources, right?)
Then his sweet soul said, "So that means they never meet their Momma?"
I almost cried thinking about it.
Something's wrong with me, ya'll.
Butterflies should not make me this emotional!
Anyhoo, save your money and just bring your kids to the Hensley house to view all of the creatures we have on display. :)

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