Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Science Anyone?

Lately, John Owen has had us ALL involved in different scientific discoveries. For Christmas, he received these Smithsonian Science Kits and so far, we have completed 2 out of the 3! (The final project should take place this coming up weekend. We have already opened it and read through the directions. Now, we just have to block out some time and get to work.)

Our first project was making crystals. This required alot of parental supervision, and I did not take a picture while we worked. Wish I had! There was waiting period involved, but it was worth the wait to see John Owen's face when he saw the crystals that had formed. Next, we moved on to the volcano project. You all know the project I am talking about...a little baking soda, a little red food coloring, and THERE SHE BLOWS! All 3 kiddos got into to this project. We first had to build the volcano, then paint the volcano, then wait on volcano to DRY! I did manage to get some pictures of this...
And, yes, that's us...still sporting the Christmas pajamas in February!:)


John Owen has just recently completed his first research project for school. He had to choose an animal, research the animal's habitat, then create either a diorama or poster showing his research.
He chose to create a poster about the Tomato Frog!
Honestly, I didn't know there was such a creature, but apparently, he did!
Here's his finished project...

So, I guess we'll call February...Science Month!
Before this fabulous month ends, we'll see how we fare with a rock and gem dig project!

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