Saturday, November 19, 2011

New York Times

We are here!

Our airplane landed in New York City around lunchtime today, and we are having a great time so far.
The picture above was taken at Bubba Gump's in Times Square. We figured we needed to continue this tradition of eating here since we ate at the one in Kona, Hawaii almost 2 years ago. (Which also marks the last "just us" trip we have taken.) I can't wait to wear my "Run Forrest Run" t-shirt I bought...maybe I'll wear it in a future race or something. :)

Here's some of what we've done so far:

Admired the view from our hotel window!

Picture taking opportunity outside The New York Times building

 Look, it's Covington!
"There's no place like home..."

Hey, kids,'s McDonald's!

Jan in Times Square!

Radio City Music Hall
(It was even prettier after the sun went down.)

 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea,
but is visiting New York City just like me?
Who could be mistaken for a big block of CHEESE?
Nobody but the Spongebob and me!

Rockefeller Center
 and the Christmas tree!!
We won't get to see the lighting of the tree, but I am hoping all of the scaffolding will be gone by Wed. so we can see the tree in all its glory before we head home to spend Thanksgiving with our family. I am also hoping to ice skate there before we leave. :)

 Me at Rockefeller Center with "The Rock" in the background.
 These people probably felt like royalty getting married in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York!
 My favorite part...the singing of "Ava Maria"! Beautiful!!
Oh, and the architecture was breathtaking, too! 

A nice girl offered to take our picture together outside the NBC Studios which are housed inside "The Rock".

 "The Ball" which will be dropped on New Year's Eve!

Times Square in New York City...check!!

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