Thursday, November 24, 2011

Final Farewell to NYC

Our last day in NYC was spent wrapping up some last-day shopping at FAO Schwarz.

(Below) Me and the life size Indiana Jones made out of LEGOS!
Jan and the LEGO Lady of Liberty

 Then we decided to skip the walking endless blocks as we had been accustomed to and hop on the subway to head to Wall Street. (This turned out to be a smart transportation decision as the rain began to move in to the city.)
NYC Subway!!

With the rain beginning to fall, we strolled down Wall Street, admired Tiffany and Co., and then headed back up to Trinity Church and St. Paul's Chapel. (I said in an earlier post that I wanted to go back to St. Paul's Chapel and go inside, hence our trip back to the WTC site.)

Jan on Wall Street and in front of the NY Stock Exchange
 Tiffany and Co.
 The rear entrance to St. Paul's Chapel and the cemetary there..
 I took the picture below from the back door of the chapel because it shows the spot where the twin towers once stood.
"They fell. One tower, then the other. They fell, fell, fell. They fell with a rush, and they fell with a roar. The sky was blank where they'd been before." (quotations from: The Little Chapel that Stood by A.B. Curtiss)

"Some say the giant sycamore wood
had saved The Little Chapel That Stood."
 George Washington's pew and the Bible he read from.
"Since Seventeen Hundred and Sixty-Six, has stood this house of God and bricks."
 "Rescuers worked through the night and the day. In the chapel they'd pause, then go on their way."
 The view from inside the chapel. The beautiful chandeliers which could tell their own stories, right?
"It was something of wonder, a symbol of grace.
The steeple still there, not a brick out of place."

Being there is hard to describe. There were moments I cried when I read the letters left by family members searching for their loved ones and saw the pictures of the faces of people who lost their lives that day. And then there were moments I stood in awe and disbelief at what had taken place and how our country rose up from the ashes and destruction and at how people (Americans and people around the world) rushed to help in whatever way possible. Nothing I can ever write can accurately describe this experience...

After the St. Paul's Chapel experience, Jan had one more thing he wanted to do. So, we hopped back on the subway and headed to Chinatown. We did some street shopping...I just stood back and watched him bargain. haha This didn't last too long because the rain REALLY started to come down. We had thought we might head to Little Italy to eat, but we decided to call it quits and hop back on the subway to Times Square and our hotel.
When we reached our hotel, Jan's cousin, Clay, who lives in Brooklyn, called to say he wanted us to try to meet up with him before we had to leave. (He had just arrived back from being out of the country the day before.) We rested for a short while, and then once again, jumped on the subway and headed to Brooklyn. (I'm pretty sure I could get REAL good at this!) Clay and his girlfriend met us in the rain, and we all quickly walked a few blocks to a wonderful restaurant with a "fancy southern kick". We enjoyed some great food and time together. Jan and I opted for a cab ride back to Times Square instead of the subway. I'm glad we did because we got to experience coming across the East River on the Manhattan Bridge and seeing the city from a different angle. Even at night, it's an amazing sight.
So, there you have it...1st NYC trip is done!
Yes, I plan to return. Perhaps with my children when they are a little older and can "handle" this great city and possibly appreciate it for all its history and culture.

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Christi said...

Ahhh, memories. Our 2005 trip to NYC for Valentine's Day seems like so long ago until I see your recent pics and Im reminded of the "city life" that was so fun to be a part of. Its amazing to see that the chapel still holds so many reminders of 9/11 that forever changed the lives of New Yorkers and our country. It was a little chilling to go to the fire station at ground zero that lost so many firefighters.
So glad you got to experience this and spend some time with your hubby. It makes me want to go back (when its warmer than Feb and Im not pregnant ;).