Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All in a Day's Post...

Let me just say that I have so much I need and want to post right now, but the truth is I am gonna have to pull an "all in one" due to my lack of time for posting. Let me catch us up real quickly...
I have been continuing to work on training for the St. Jude 1/2 marathon. I am up to running 4 or 5 days a week with 3 short runs during the week and working on longer runs on the weekends. I just completed my longest run yet this past weekend...6.6 miles in 67 minutes!! I literally almost cried when I finished. I did it, and 6.6 miles is a lot for this novice runner! Jonah was so funny when I told the kids I was going to run from Daddy's shop to our house. He responded with, "But Mommy, that's running from Brighton!" (Yes, that's right, technically I did run from Brighton...Jan's shop being one of the first Brighton addresses right outside of Covington on Hwy 51.) I felt like Forrest Gump (smile) as I ran past the fields along the backroads. "Run, Forrest, run!!" It wasn't until mile 5.8 that I felt my muscles in my legs beginning to wear down some. Which means I still have a lot of work to do. Someone suggested energy gels at mile 6, so I might experiment with that on my next long run.
LeBonheur Pumpkin Run 5K this Sat., and I am excited about it. I am excited about being a member of Team Lucy! Lucy, and the other children at St. Jude and LeBonheur, are why I'm running. I won't give up even when it hurts and I'm tired. This has almost become my addiction and my therapy, I think. If I could run these miles and remove the fact that any child would ever have to get sick, I would run and run and run and run! I am thankful for hospitals like LeBonheur and St. Jude who work so hard to treat precious children and save lives!
Go Lucy Go!

This past Sunday we celebrated my grandmother's 91st birthday at Uncle Davie's house. I wish I could include all of the family pictures I took, but instead I'll just include these special moments:
Uncle Glenn, Mom, Aunt Dinah, Uncle Don, and Uncle Davie
with Grandmother

Mary Claire, Jenny, and Olivia

All of "us" (grandkids) with Grandmother
Melanie, me, Christopher, Matthew, Geremy, Machelle, Marcy, Alex
(Jim Isaac always with us in spirit...)

ALL of the Caudle great-grandchildren (except Avery who had ball practice and had to leave early).
As far as we know, there are no new ones expected anytime soon...hehe
Think I can name them all in order? Let's see..Mary Shields, Max, Brooks, Isaac, Christopher (yes, we have 2 Christophers), Avery, John Owen, Grant, Jonah, Cooper, Olivia, Mary Claire, Harris, Hardy, Henry...Is that everyone? :-) 

Aren't these 3 year old cousins just SWEET?!
Harris, Mary Claire, Hardy, Olivia

Group hug!

We had such a great time Sunday afternoon and are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas together.

The boys started flag football this past Saturday, and here are some pictures from their first game!
I think they are liking it so far.
Go Tribe!

My two boys

To end this post, I must introduce you to the "Hula Queen", Miss Mary Claire Hensley!
I don't know exactly where she learned this, but she has not given up on this, and I am amazed at her skills with her "hoop loop"(This is what she calls her hula hoop!) Now, everytime she picks the hula hoop up, she is going longer and longer! I am starting to think maybe we should set this hula hoop act to music and enter her in a talent contest somewhere. :-) America's Got Talent  maybe?! Video is not uploading, so a couple of action shots will have to do for now...

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Kate said...

I cannot believe Grandmother is 91! Not only does she not look like it, but she sure does not act like it. Happy Birthday to her!!!