Sunday, September 25, 2011

Music to My Ears

Since I last posted, our boys have officially begun music lessons! John Owen was intent on learning to play the trumpet. That's right, I said the TRUMPET! Who would have thought?! I tried to convince him to maybe start with the piano or guitar, but he wouldn't have any of that. So, not wanting to hold back on what might turn out to be his God-given talent, I signed him up for private trumpet lessons, and he is doing great! I wish everyone could have seen his face the first time he played some notes for us. He was happy and proud, and I could see it all over his face.

The only trouble we've had is keeping baby sister from sticking her hand or foot in the trumpet while he tries to play. She thinks it is quite funny!
Please pay little mind to the old pajamas he is wearing in the picture. He was already dressed for bed and he loves those Super Mario pj's...even with a hole in the knee.

Jonah chose to start piano lessons, and he is doing great, too. I am able to work with him and teach him some at home since I do have some knowledge of this instrument. (John Owen's on his own with that trumpet. hehe)
I liked sitting beside Jonah today on the same piano bench that I learned to play on. The piano was my grandmother's. It was moved to my mom's house for me to use, and has recently made it's home at my house. I am having a piano tuner come soon to make sure everything is in working order for Jonah. I have to tell this...When I went to Lane Music to buy the piano books that Jonah's instructor requested for him, I was greatly surprised to see that the cover of the books was EXACTLY THE SAME as it was when I took lessons! Same pink color, same font and print, same picture...GEEZ, LOUISE! :-) Amazing,after all these years...
Anyhow, again please disregard the fact that my son is in his pj's in the picture. You never know when your photo opportunity will be.

If you look close, you will see an extra arm reaching for those keys on the piano. She's everywhere!!!
I guess I'm going to have to find an instrument Mary Claire can "practice" with to keep her occupied and out of the boys' way while they practice at home.
The boys seem to be happy and learning even after just 2 lessons. And that makes all the exra effort for the lessons worth it! It's definitely music to my ears to see and hear them learning to play an instrument and liking it!

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