Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Days

Well, the end of May is upon us. This has been one "doozie" of a month, if I must say so. Lots of things going on simultaneously. I have always looked forward to vacations at the beach, but this year, I must admit I am looking forward to it more than ever. June 30th can't get here fast enough! A couple of "May things" left to post on this here family blog are:

John Owen's Award Day at ATES!
He received the Principal's List Award for making all A's on his report card all year the Excellence in P.E. Award! He has done great in 1st grade this year, and we celebrated with a "lunch date" last Wed. after his last 1/2 day of school. Pizza and ice cream at a restaurant for just Mommy and John Owen. Goodbye, 1st grade...2nd grade, here we come!
I spy John Owen in a "sea" of 1st graders! :-)

His P.E. Award!

A smile from his teacher, Mrs. Rachel Coats, as he looks at his awards! Thanks, Mrs. Rachel, for a great 1st grade year!
We are so proud of you, John Owen! Keep up the good work!

And...here's some pictures from our last weekend in May!
Memorial Day Weekend 2011
Warmer temps=warmer water in Mimi and Daddy Nick's pool!

John Owen showing off his moves

Dripping wet all weekend!

Who's that cutie in the swimsuit? :-)

Maybe surfing will be her sport?

See what I mean? Now, where and who has she seen demonstrating surfing techniques? Maybe we need to take up residence at the beach. (Just kidding!)

Jonah's silly moves!

And his twist and kick jump! I give it a "10"! hehe
What a great way to kick off Summer of 2011!
We got some sun, ate some barbeque by the pool, caught an afternoon showing of the new Kung Fu Panda movie with friends, and spent some much needed time together. Now, on to June...VBS week, camp, swim team, and VACATION AT THE BEACH!
Hope everyone reading this enjoys this summer and time spent with the ones you love!

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