Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up...

Well, I am a little behind in posting. Just like everyone else, I am presently balancing a ton of things on my little plate. Not complaining, though. Just thankful God has given me the capability to balance and juggle and, well, you get the idea. Let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, pictures from Easter!

My two handsome fellas and beautiful little girl!
This next picture will always be a special to me. As I mentioned in the previous post, John Owen was baptized on Easter. Also being baptized was the daughter of my dear friend, Kate. Her daughter, Ella, and my John Owen are about 5 months apart in age. Kate and I were baptized on the same day when were young, and I just cannot tell you how special it was to see our two gifts from God baptized at Easter. 

The Monday after Easter we were off from school and it was John Owen's birthday! We had made plans to go to the zoo, but the weather turned yucky, so I let John Owen choose something indoors to do. Of course, he requested a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!
Here is he doing what he loves...playing video games!
Notice the birthday crown! :-) Thanks, Mimi!

Jonah and his favorite game...FISHING!
I must say, he was pretty good at it. He got more tickets than his big brother did by playing this game over and over again!

I guess Mary Claire loves Chuck E. Cheese, too!

This next picture was one I snapped while we were upstairs playing one day. Mary Claire loves to dance! She grabbed Jonah and made him her dancing partner. And around and around they went!
She would tell me to sit down in the red chair and watch. Then when I clapped, she would do a bow and say, "Thank you." It was too funny. Quite the entertainer, she is!

After playing upstairs, it was back to work for Mommy...I was making homemade banana nut bread for all of our teachers.(It was Teacher Appreciation Week) Mimi stopped by and of course, added her special touch to the loaves of bread. (I wish I had the ability to take tulle and ribbon and make it look beauitful! Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the "magic touch" like my mother.) I am thinking as I look at this picture, maybe Mary Claire will have Mimi's ability to make things look beautiful. 

See, a loaf of banana nut bread never looked so beautiful! :-)

This probably deserves it's own post, but I'll add it here because my posting time is quickly drawing to a close.
Jonah lost his 1st tooth on May 3rd! (And yesterday, May 13th, he lost his 2nd tooth!) He was so excited when the first tooth came out. He put the tooth in his Pirate Tooth pillow he got in his Easter basket. Isn't that convenient that the Easter Bunny gave him this gift?
Here he is holding his tooth.

And with that, comes the realization that my baby boy is growing up too fast!
 The baby teeth are coming out...
He is no longer the little boy in this picture next to his Pirate Tooth Pillow.
He will turn 6 in about 8 weeks, and with the loss of his 2nd tooth yesterday, he has now lost as many baby teeth as his big brother.

How quickly time does fly!
From a sweet newborn baby boy...
to the same sweet little boy's preschool graduation last Tuesday night.
Congratulations, Jonah! You are a sweet spirited, funny little man with a big heart!
I love you and the person you are becoming.
Kindergarten, here we come!
(I am so excited about you coming to "Mommy's school" in August.)

Even little sister is proud of you!
 Jonah's 2011 Preschool Graduation class on the stage at his school
Until next time...

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Brandi said...

Brandon is 8 and has yet to loose the first tooth!!! Brooks, also 8 has lost 7!