Friday, September 3, 2010

New School Year

Well, before the school year gets too far along, I guess I better include a post about our new school year.
John Owen began 1st grade and so far, seems to enjoy it. He's doing great, I think! (Especially with the adjustment we have had to make to HOMEWORK!!)

His class tree!

His apple!

Getting straight to work! :-)

I wasn't able to take Jonah on his 1st day of preschool (his 3rd year of preschool), so my mom took him. Believe me, he was pretty happy with his "Mimi" escorting him to school! She snapped this picture of us together before John Owen & I had to leave for school. She then took some pictures for me of him in his class and emailed them to me. Thank goodness for moms! (Thank you, Momma.)

Jonah & Mommy

Jonah coloring with classmates

My sweet Jonah

We've hit the ground running, as I am sure everyone has.
My prayer is that God will watch over us all this next year with His divine protection and guidance along the way. 

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