Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Safe to Say It...

But I think we've bought our last box of diapers at the Hensley house!

I simply cannot believe it. I have been buying diapers for 7 years straight. That's right, an almost 5-year-span of birthing 3 babies and then the years that followed in changing their diapers until they learned to use the good ole' "potty" have finally reached an end! A few weeks ago, I decided to entertain the interest Mary Claire showed in using the potty, and I readied myself for potty training...a jar of potty treats, a doll who is also "potty training", a brand new package of big girl panties, and we were ready! I tried my best to make sure I had a few days to give this my full attention, and to my surprise, she has done very well with it! Going "#1" in the potty was learned very quickly and we're making good progress with "#2". :-)  I think now it is safe to say that I won't be putting diapers on my Wal-Mart list anymore!!!! YAY! I wish everyone could hear the way she yells, "I did it, I did it!" after she "goes potty"! She even congratulates and praises me when I go potty! :-) "Yay, Mommy!"

Another milestone I am thankful we have reached, and I am sure my wallet will be thankful, too!

Here's a picture from the swim lessons we took with our friend, Faith, a few weeks ago.

I like the way they sat together on the chair for their snack. I can just picture them in the years to come doing this same thing. No doubt talking about "girl stuff", and probably mortified at the thought that Mommy would dare mention their potty training days on a blog! hehe

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