Monday, June 7, 2010

Crazy What?

Crazy Hat Day, that is. John Owen began Camp Invention today, and he seemed to enjoy his first day very much. I think they have some FUN stuff planned for the week. Tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day, and he impressed me with such a creative idea for his crazy hat. I had simply suggested we use one of the dinosaur caps we have in the dress up clothes in our playroom, but he met me at the bottom of the stairs tonight with the bottom part of his Captain Hook sword which, of course, the sword is no longer a part of...BOYS! :-) And he asked me if I had any pipe cleaners.

Here's what I thought..."WHAT? Pipe cleaners? How does he even know what pipe cleaners are?"
But here's what I said..."Sure, I have pipe cleaners." (I looked at the black beanie-shaped object in his hand and replied, "I can see what you are thinking!" 

Then I just smiled. I couldn't believe he had come up with such a great idea!
We got right to work and he even came up with the idea of how to secure it to his head before I could make my own suggestion. What a smart cookie! I hope he has fun with it tomorrow. We certainly had fun making it!

Crazy face picture!

Of course, little brother finds his own hat and shows us his crazy side! :-)


Laura Dawson said...

It really was super cute and e was really proud of it!

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!