Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer's Calling!

There must be something about the last day of school and the "call" of the cool (uh, just down right COLD) swimming pool! If there were a Polar Bear's Club in this area, my boys would be great members! One toe in and I could tell that the temp of the water was not quite warm enough for mommy (No sir, not me!), but the boys jumped right in! Even Mary Claire enjoyed the "brisk" feeling of the water on her skin!

John Owen helping Jonah swim! Sometimes brothers DO love each other! :-)

As I sat there with only my feet in, I couldn't believe that school was out and summer is beginning, and in just a matter of a couple of weeks, we would be here at Mimi and Daddy Nick's pool everyday, no doubt, trekking back and forth in our swimsuits and soaking up some summer sun! Soon the heat of the summer days would be calling us to the cool water to "beat the heat"...Here's hoping everyone enjoys their summer!

Mary Claire gets warmed up in her towel after taking a little dip!
And until that water gets warmer, I will have to just soak up the sun and leave the cold water to the seemingly thick-skinned boys I have! :-)
Have a great summer!
Love, Nicole


Laura Dawson said...

Wow...I have chill bumps looking at those pictures. My kids aren't quite that tough! I can't wait for summer pool days either, especailly the trek from Ellie and Boo's to Daddy Nick and Mimi's!

The Howard 5 said...

Brie got in Saturday at my parents! It is too colD!

Christi said...

Agggghhhh! I'm not ready for bathing suit weather, yet!! I just need a couple more months to try to lose some pounds!

Kendra said...

Isn't it funny...I can't really remember feeling cold, or hot for that matter, as a child. I suppose kids have a built in thermometer that adjusts accordingly for all things fun!