Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Middle Love

This post is dedicated entirely to my middle love, Jonah. He's my middle child and while, yes, he might possess the typical characteristics so many middle children are labeled with, he also holds such a large capacity of affection...willingly giving it to those he deems worthy of it. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given Jonah almost 4 years ago. His life was such a surprise to us, but knowingly planned by God. And the moment I saw his face will forever be stamped in my memory. His sweet little chubby face...must have really liked those cheeseburgers mommy ate! :-) It's funny to think that before he was born I wondered how I could love another as much! But since he came into my life, he has allowed me to learn so much about love and how much my heart could expand in love!

And while people so often get confused and call him "Noah"(which is a very nice name, too), I can't imagine any one with any other name that is better to have around and love than my Jonah. My dove...the meaning of his name. A dove...one that God used so many times to reveal His message to His people.

I guess the last few days have inspired me to post this about Jonah seeing as how he so often shows love to his baby sister. He's so sweet to her! He doesn't like for other people that he doesn't know well to touch her, and he will tell them! :-) If she is on the floor watching Baby Einstein, he will pull her into his lap and hold her while they watch T.V. together. Now, you would think an ALMOST one year old who is on the move would protest this, but she must feel safe and secure there because she will sit back and watch T.V. with him. It's the sweetest thing ever, I think! She is lucky to have Jonah as her big brother. And I am lucky to have him as my middle love...my lovely middle child for whom I know God has great things in store for!

I love you, Jonah. You are not the FIRST or the LAST, but the special MIDDLE part of this family for which we cannot imagine life without. You make me laugh and cry! :-) You amaze me with your mind and thoughts everyday! You love like no other. I am so thankful for you and the gift that you are. Te amo, Jonah!
Love, Momma

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Laura Dawson said...

Bo thinks he's a pretty special kid too!