Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There's a "Mouse" About the House

Here's a recent story about our little "mouse", Mary Claire, and her exploration in the pantry...

The other day as I was preparing lunch for the boys, I heard a strange noise coming from behind the pantry door. I had to put Mary Claire down on the floor (due to the fact that God didn't give 2 more hands and arms for each of the 3 small children I have), and she had proceeded to pull herself across the floor into the open pantry door where I am guessing she spied the "treasured" box of Diet Coke cans resting in their place with the other sodas we keep stashed out of quick sight! She must have moved much faster than I have ever witnessed her moving because I didn't have my back turned for very long!!!

Ah ha! That's what it was! She saw her moment and quickly tried her best to get to the Diet Coke before I could stop her! So what I heard was her little hand finding the hole in the box already made by a much bigger "mouse" (named Daddy) who had no doubtedly fished out a can before leaving for work earlier that morning.

I thought it would be funny to play it up for the boys, so I said, "Boys! Do you hear something? Something coming from the pantry? I think there's a mouse in our pantry! Do you wanna see if you can find it?!" Well, you know they did!! They dropped their food, jumped down from their chairs and ran to the pantry door. The look on their faces was priceless as they turned to me and said, "It's ONLY baby sister!" Then Jonah added, "I think she wants a Coke, Momma!" "Can I have a Coke, Momma?" "Me, too, Momma!" John Owen said. (You see why I keep those things in there? Out of sight, out of mind.) Yeah, right!

Caught ya!

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Elizabeth said...

Gosh she is getting so big! She is crawling like Rylan...I call it "the injured soldier" crawl! Now you really have your hands full with another one moving around!