Monday, March 23, 2009

Day at the Museum

( I haven't posted in a while. Things and people have needed my attention, I guess.) We enjoyed the snow a few weeks ago, but we have certainly enjoyed the recent nice weather much more.

Last Friday, with both boys out of preschool, we decided to go to the museum. I was very excited because I knew that the boys would love the dinosaurs that awaited them in large, lifelike form! I coerced my parents into going with us. Thank goodness for their help! Having them there with me evened up the playing field--3 on 3 is much better than 1 on 3 as it usually is! We had a great time! We walked through the historical exhibits, and I tried my very best to quickly explain the many things that their eyes and minds took in. I know that we didn't get to truly absorb everything, and that's alright. The museum is like a painting or picture to matter how many times you look at it, you're bound to see something different and new each time.

Jonah loved the skeleton of the monkey!
Daddy Nick explains the COOL skeleton of the pythonOOH...look at that polar bear!This is what your bones look like!One of our favorites...the Mastedon!

I thought this was REALLY cool! In the section with the "411" on different types of birds, there was this "Tree Top View" so that you could imagine that you were a bird perched in the top of a tree and looking down. COOL!

Primate skeleton

We are looking forward to our next visit to the museum! Funny thing...There is a temporary exhibit at the Pink Palace right now called "The Scoop on Poop." That's right, I said "POOP." (As if my life is not already surrounded by too much of the stuff!) :-) You gotta see it! It's all about how scientists use animal feces matter to study and learn more about a particular animal. It is quite interesting to say the least! :-) We didn't spend too much time in there, but if you get the chance to go, try the "Dung Beetle Derby." It was the hightlight of one son's experience in there! My other son couldn't quite get past the video of the hippo "shoo-shooing" and wanted to know why he was making such a mess with it! I hope he doesn't get any ideas! hehe The exhibit's there 'til May, I think. Check it out!

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Kirk and Emily said...

Sounds life FUN! I cannot wait until Ema can appreciate stuff at the museum, however I don't want her to grow up too fast! Looks like you guys had a great time!