Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Marathon of Life

 Saturday, December 3, 2016, Jan and I set out to complete our 3rd marathon for St. Jude. This marathon, more than any other we've ever run, was incredibly symbolic. For so many reasons...

God gave me this man as my husband for a special reason. 
3 of those reasons are pictured with us here at Mile 17.

 But even if the 3 children God has given us charge over in this life weren't here, His plan was for our marriage to be one of a testimony of God's love and grace. This I believe more than ever as I type these words. God doesn't promise that we will be happy in this life, that things will always go our way or that we'll live out some kind of Disney-inspired life. Instead, He desires that we look to Him in everything: in pain, in anger, in thankfulness, to find contentment, when we're sad or confused. He is the source of ALL!
He's training us for the ultimate marathon...the marathon of LIFE!
And the finish line is when we cross over to be with God forever in an eternal life with no pain, no sadness, no hurt or anger...just JOY! Pure unequivocal JOY!
Marathon #3 is DONE! (And it's probably the last one for me. Maybe I'll do some half marathons, but 3 full marathons is more than enough for this girl.) 
We found our names featured on the St. Jude Hero vehicle at the EXPO. 
A wonderful reason to run 26. 2 miles!
I love you, Jan.
Thank you for being my husband, my running partner, and my help mate in raising our children.

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