Sunday, September 16, 2012

Searching, Searching...

for time to post on this blog!:) The blog is an added element to my life and never has, never will take priority to the people and things in my life. But it is something I enjoy doing.
My "Mental Moments", if you will.
(Honestly, I started this post several days ago, and I am just now finishing it...which just explains so much of what I know most of you reading this deal with everyday, too...A lack of TIME!!)

This morning, before we set off to school, we read from I Thessalonians, "Give thanks to the Lord in all circumstances..." So, I am giving thanks for all the wonderful things that fill my daily schedule and have us "running" from one thing to the next. Really...I am giving thanks, not complaining here!
I am so very thankful for life. That's pretty much sums it up.:) I celebrated my 35th birthday on Sept. 4th, so, of course, I am thankful God allowed me to see another year. I am thankful for the lives of my children and my husband and family. They certainly spoiled me on my birthday!

I am thankful for the life of my grandmother who suffers from advanced dementia. I have come to terms with it, I think. For almost a year now, she hasn't recognized me or the kids, but she smiles at me. I am thankful for the smiles.

I am thankful for a nice car to drive and a great job that I can go to everyday. And for the nice home that I return to at the end of a very long day. Thankful for a nice bed to lie in, however late I find myself finally getting there. Thankful for the never ending loads of laundry, for without them, there would be no people dirtying those clothes. Thankful for the wonderfully funny things said by the little people who call me "Mommy". Makes me smile just thinking of it...I am thankful for each one of their personalities.

I am thankful for the ability to multi-task which is a quality any full-time working wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc. needs, right? As I type the end of this post, I am multi-tasking at the highest level...listening to the songs I am leading for our AWANA program church tonight while trying to finish this post!!

I am thankful for good friends who encourage and support...

Thankful for good health and that we are able to live life to the fullest everyday. On the days when the kids and I leave the house before 7:00 a.m. and don't return to the house until almost 7:00 p.m. or maybe only get 30 mins. at home before we have to be somewhere else, I try really hard to remember all of this which I have poured out in this post. Some weeks are better than others, and I realize that some of what we do is "self-inflicted". I have come to appreciate the moments at home more, I think. What I am still learning and searching for is the ability to protect my time with my family MORE! To NOT "spread myself too thin".

I pray that God will continue to teach me and use me for His glory in everything I do whether it be on the work commute in my car or at home with my family, at work or at church...
That I will be always searching for His will...

Thanks for enduring this slightly overwhelmed mom's mental moment. :)

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