Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Our Time

To sing together! It's our time to sing together! It's our time to sing together! Sing, "Hello, hello!"
This is how we started off every Kindermusik class with "Miss Ellie" AKA Mrs. Ellen Clark. I put Mary Claire in Kindermusik this year to give her more social interaction with children close to her age and for the exposure to music with such a wonderfully talented instructor, Mrs. Ellen. (Mrs. Ellen is actually family, Jan's cousin...I have learned in the 15 years since Jan and I met and started our relationship that there aren't many people in Tipton County that he's NOT related to somehow whether it be through marriage or blood kin. :-) I, on the other hand, cannot say the same.) O.K., I'll stop "birdwalking" now! Back to Kindermusik memories and our time together...

What will we remember from Kindermusik? Mary Claire proved to be a take-charge type person. (That's a nice way of saying she's BOSSY, right?) She was a little AGGRESSIVE with a couple of the girls at first. Let's see, was it a hug for a new little friend or a choke hold? Hmm...:-) She was very good at "reminding" Miss Ellie that it was time for stickers...WELL BEFORE the end of class time together. A couple of times my mother had to fill in for me and take Mary Claire to class. It was so funny when she called me afterwards laughing and asked, "Does she listen to YOU in Kindermusik?" hehe

Mary Claire loved the washing machine song the best. We would lay a towel on the floor with one adult at each end of the towel. One child at a time would lay on the towel and we would pick up the towel with the child bundled up inside and gently shake the towel while singing, "We are clothes in a washing machine, and we wiggle and we giggle until we are clean. Then Momma shakes us out to dry, and hangs us on a clothesline high!" It became quite difficult, and probably dangerous, when Sam Harris and Mary Claire refused to take turns, and Sara and I had to shake/hold both of them at the same time! That was a sight for sore eyes!
Another favorite was the making toast song. She loved waiting for the toast to POP out of the toaster and then me spreading pretend jelly on her as she pretended to be the toast!

Oh my goodness! What fun!
So much fun we have signed up for more! This June, she'll do another class with Miss Ellie. I think it has some sort of adventure theme, and we can't wait! With Mary Claire, it's always an ADVENTURE! Here's a couple of pictures from our 1st Kindermusik class.

Lane, Clara Lee, Drew, Miss Ellie, Tatum, Faith, Mary Claire
Missing: Griffin, Sam Harris

Fun with pots and pans!

I'm pretty sure that's not what the scarves were intended for, but what do you expect from a 2 year old?

Toast in the toaster...ready to POP UP! :-)


Emily said...

Ema would LOVE that? How do you get singed up?

Amy said...
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Amy said...

So much fun! I wanted to sign Mills up for the infant class last year, but unfortunately my work schedule conflicted with the classes that were available for his age group. :( Maybe we'll get him in one some day! LOL Looks like Mary Claire is having a ball!!!