Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's a Family Tradition

(And immediately enters the sound of Hank Williams Jr.'s voice in my ears!)
Guess "family tradition" is about right when you know that the first time I saw the lights of Christmas City, I wasn't too much older than John Owen is now. We try to go once a year, maybe just to say we've been. :-)We spent Friday night with friends driving out to Burlison to do our yearly traditional tour of the Rose of Sharon Campground's Christmas City. "The true meaning of Christmas in a half a mile of lights!" was what the advertisement read this year. 

Well, they do focus alot on the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ in lights, various signage, and just about every well-known Bible character, BUT...they have also added a ton of secular novelties as well. Certainly not a reflection of our society, I'm sure. (Insert: sarcasm) Seriously, it's fun to do with the kids! The kids named everything they saw, asked questions about some of things they saw (hehe) and enjoyed the fact that Santa made a "special visit" to Burlison, TN and the lights of Christmas City!
That's right, Santa was there! And we made no haste in making our way up to him to tell him our wish lists!

Here's John Owen going through his wish items with Santa...

I just sadly realized as I looked at the above picture that my baby is getting too big to sit in Santa's lap! :-(
 O.K., refocus...
Here's Jonah thoroughly explaining his 3 wish list items. Notice the counting on the fingers! Too cute! They both counted out their 3 things as they told Santa. Jonah, by the way, has never shown any aversion to the man with the white beard. (Can't say the same for Owen and Mary Claire, though!)

She started out like this, and I thought all was going good!

But then it quickly turned to this...Mommy to the rescue!

Oh, well. Maybe next year!

Enjoying his candy from Santa!

I thought this was a sweet picture of Mary Claire. It looks like she's praying, but reality is, she was just trying to warm up her little cold hands as we rode the train through Christmas City.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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