Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Christmas Tree,

In the spirit of Thanksgiving...
I know we all have a variety of plans for the upcoming holiday week, and I want to take a moment to wish everyone reading this a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for! God is so good!

I have alot in store for this week off from work besides giving thanks with family and enjoying some great food later in the week. I don't mean to belittle the Thanksgiving season, but my plan like many other people was to get all Christmas decorations up by next weekend, and I have to get started early in the week if I plan to accomplish this goal. With 3 small children, you can imagine how my "decorating time" is frequently interrupted and very limited! It'll get done somehow, I'm sure.
But after a recent event in our lives, I have refreshed my way of thinking about the rush to get it done and the time frame in which I had planned to get it done. And if it doesn't get done this week...oh, well! I neglected to get one thing done from my "to do" list (which was scheduled to start today), and this is how I would imagine my explanation of neglect...

Dear Mr. Christmas Tree,

How are you? Oh, how I have missed you! Has it really been almost a year since we last saw you? I know that today I had planned to welcome you back to your shining spotlight in our house so that we could enjoy your beauty for the next several days and weeks. (We do enjoy your company very much!) But, Mr. Tree, I think you'll understand my reason for not visiting with you today. You know how your job is to hold the beautiful ornaments that we treasure so carefully in your boughs? Well, I, too, have a job that is of the utmost importance, a job placed upon me by my Creator which I am eternally grateful for. A job where I am to treasure these gifts of life I have been given. And that is my role as a mother to my 3 beautiful children. They needed me today a little more than normal, and I needed to hold them. So, Mr. Tree, while I love to spend time with you and while others have already welcomed their tree friends back, you'll have to patiently wait your turn. I can't wait to see the joy I know you will bring to my children this season as we give thanks for the blessings God has given us! Thank you for sharing in these special times with us. We'll see you very soon! I promise.


Happy Thanksgiving!
From the Hensley Family

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Kate said...

so glad MC is ok. What a horrible scare.