Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Other Jonah

This past week, we had our first project due for Jonah's new preschool class. It was an "All About Me" poster! Well, when older brother, John Owen, had the same assignment 2 years ago, "we" (yeah, 'cause we ALL KNOW WHO REALLY does the work) made a life-size, look-a-like poster of him. So, of course, Jonah wanted the SAME thing for himself! He was so much more cute about it than John Owen was! Jonah has the BEST imagination, and I just love the way his mind thinks about things. I have said it before and I'll say it again...he keeps me smiling and laughing!

Well, as "we" were constructing this look-a-like poster of Jonah, he was talking to me...saying things like, "Hey Momma, I got a good idea...why don't we make one of these for you and Daddy and Mary Claire and then we can hang them all together on the wall in the playroom with John Owen's?" It was a great idea! (But I was also thinking...yeah, I'll be working on THAT for the next few weeks, I'm sure!) He then made me smile as he started referring to his poster as "the other Jonah".

When "we" finished it and it was time for bed, he carried it to his room and laid it down on the floor next to his bed and informed me that "the other Jonah" wanted to sleep beside him. I thought it was so cute! We talked about how "the other Jonah" would be going to school with him the next day and that he would need to make sure he took care of "the other Jonah" on the bus so that he wouldn't break any arms, legs or fingers off. Jonah assured me he would take care and that "the other Jonah" would sit RIGHT beside him on the bus. The next morning he brought "the other Jonah" in for breakfast and placed him in a chair at the table. :-) He was so funny with his poster! I want to always remember how cute Jonah was with this project and how imaginative he is. Here's Jonah with "the other Jonah" before they BOTH boarded the bus!

He had a sad look on his face later that afternoon when he told me that the teacher kept "the other Jonah" at school. I reassured him that "the other Jonah" would be o.k. at school. The teacher just wanted "the other Jonah" to get to see everybody at school for a while, then she would send him home to us for good...And when he comes home, he will take his rightful place next to "the other John Owen" on the playroom wall! Now... "we" will have to get busy on "the other Hensleys" so the family will be complete...for Jonah's and "the other Jonah's" sake.
Hey, look at it this way...I can get a jumpstart on Mary Claire's "All About Me" project! :-)


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Christi said...

"We" made an all about me poster, too. "We" were up till 11:00 making "our" poster. "We" didn't realize how long it would actually take "us." Ha, ha!

Stephanie said...

That is so cute!

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Too funny!

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That is so sweet!